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Orienteering I

This course will help you become adept at land navigation using a compass. We’ll start with the basic fundamentals that will help you navigate. Then you will learn to move safely off trail and travel on a steady heading through typical Florida land features to find your way points. By the end of the course you will feel secure in your ability to navigate with a compass.


Orienteering II

This is the course where we find out what you are made of! Off trail travel to an extreme not found in most areas of the U.S. with a difficulty rating of “...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?”  This course will force your foot travel to the next level as you take a bearing and head off into the early morning, new moon darkness  of Myakka State Park. Weather permitting, we will also use the fire tower for a triangulation exercise.


Knotty Time


Ever been asked to tie a knot and didn’t know what to do other than tie a lot? What about keeping your tent or tarp held tightly when it is raining? Or something held tightly atop your vehicle? Or in the garage? Come to this class to learn basic knots and hitches that will make all of these options, and more, so much easier. Guaranteed!

Classes...more to come!


Day Hike in the Glades

Join us as we explore the Everglades to see what 99% of the population will not....or would not ever get to see. Hike in the land where the photos of Clyde Butcher come to life.


Coffee in the field

Instant coffee....why try it? Go with your favorite bean and lets try it backcountry style. As many different ways as there are coffee beans. Come to class and leave with the buzz of caffeine and excitement of better tasting backcountry morning brew.


Backpacking 101/201

You want to get out there and yet don't know where or how to start? Try the 101 class and cover everything you would need to have in your pack. Then onto 201 where you will learn through experiential education the finest ways to make the outside more on your side.